Monday, 1 December 2014

Latest Napoleonic Austrians

Just to sneak in another post on the blog before the year is out, here are the most recent additions to my Austrian army...
Hesse-Homburg hussars
Italeri French hussars with converted shakos. Added the plumes, trimmed off the shako plates and painted on rosettes in their place. Also painted on the folded-up rear shako flaps. Horses from the Hat Austrian Kurassier set.

Can't be sure which regiment. 1798 light blue facings could be #6 or #9. But these guys have helmets and not bicorns. Osprey book says that in 1820 (What's that doing in there anyway?) it would be #5. Ah, who cares? We didn't have any with light blue facings before, and now we do. So long as they never get used as Russians I'll be happy.
Troopers are HaT Austrian Cuirassier, horses from Italeri French light cavalry (Chasseurs a Cheval), with custom sculpted sheepskin saddle covers. Originally I intended these to go with the Austrian hussars pictured above, only I felt uneasy about my hussars' horses being larger than those of my heavies. The horses from the Italeri French hussar set used for the above Austrian hussars went to a regiment of French chasseurs a cheval.
Confusing I know.

Austrian grenadier battalion Brzeczinski.
Try saying that three times after 11 shots of schnapps.

I've added this rear view to show the effect of basing the figures on each 1 1/2" square stand towards the centre to give the impression of company intervals. I like it.
Figures are HaT.

HaT Austrian landwehr painted as jager, or landwehr if you like.

More HaT landwehr this time painted as a unit of Erzhog Karl legion.
Looking very determined.
So as you can see I have not been completely idle here. To my fellow SWAGs and ANFs I say to you have a bloody merry Christmas and new year, and I'll catch you all mid February 2015.


  1. Excellent looking troops, especially those Austrian grenadiers - most fierce!

  2. Well done John, as usual. Might see you in Feb.


  3. Marvellous John. You have not been idle in your 'northern sojourn'!