Friday, 27 November 2015

The lazy blogger

Ten months later and here are photos of units completed since the previous post.

 Italeri Russian infantry minus flags.
HaT Wurttemberger jager and lights. Plumes added. Whenever I get a sniff of a reference to a plume - I must add a plume
 More HaT Austrian grenadiers.
HaT Austrian chevauleger. Some conversion work here. Trimmed away crossbelts and added a sash for the officers, and had a go at sculpting trumpets.
HaT Russian dragoons with crests trimmed to a passable imitation of the later pattern cavalry helmet.

Finally finished off those boxes of HaT Austrian infantry which lurked at the back of the cupboard for so many years.


  1. they look great john, I've got a painting blog too - mostly into 15mm WW2 and 28mm fantasy at the moment.