Monday, 18 March 2013

Desert Campaign

Background to the Western Desert Campaign.

There are 3 main reasons why I wanted to put this campaign together.
I have always found the Western Desert campaign to be fascinating with the ebb and flow of battle and the interesting characters involved from O'Connor to Rommel and Montgomery.  The victories of the British under O'Connor over the Italians in 1940 - 41 must rate as one of the great campaigns but is often over overlooked and the Desert war remembered as a struggle between Rommel and Monty which is only part of the story.
I wanted a campaign where conserving forces was important and in many of the scenarios keeping your forces more or less intact will be an important element.  In reality it took a huge effort to get forces to the Desert and support them.
 The desert also gives the possibility of a wide variety of scenarios, from fighting retreats as in the first scenario at Sollum, set piece frontal assaults, wide ranging battles in the desert where forces often appeared from unexpected directions through to supply harassment.

Battles in the Campaign so far

Game 1 - The Battle of Sollum 13th September 1940
Game 2 - Jock Column vs Supply Convoy (Mid November 1940)
Game 3 -  Into the Gap  (19 November 1940)
Game 4 - Battle of the Camps (December 1940)
Game 5 - Bardia (January 1941)
Game 6 - Beda Fomm (Feb 1941)

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