Monday, 1 April 2013

ACW clash

As the required number of troops for the full Gaines Mill scenario had not yet materialised, and being eager to test my new field and it's practicality for gaming, we improvised a fictional battle with what we have so far. Here's some pictures.

Morell's Union division engaging the Confederate centre under D.H..Hill.
Slocum advances on the Union right towards Ewell's men.
A well timed charge by the Louisiana Tigers (background) checks the Union advance!
My reserve brigade and battery about face to help the Texans fend off an ill-fated attempt to outflank us! (In my unashamedly biased opinion)


  1. It was just like playing in one of those battles you see in 'Wargames Illustrated'.
    The sculptured terrain, combined with John's magnificently painted troops made for a awesome visual experience. Too bad my troops got a bit of a pounding, those union cannon are unfair.